September 4, 2016

by Robyn Bryant

September 4, 2016


BLESSED! I would love to know who can see their blessings!


It’s Sunday evening and this has been a great weekend! As a family we started our weekend in Greenville, SC celebrating the marriage of Sammy (Sam Sandlin) and Sarah Thackston. Sammy is the son of some of our dearest friends, Scott and Cara Sandlin. It was a fun and beautiful weekend. I love Sarah! I have watched Sammy grow up. There were many things I loved during the weekend, but I loved watching Sammy the best. I know there were people taking pictures, but I am not sure pictures will ever duplicate the images in my mind. Sammy Sandlin was the most handsome groom I have seen since March 9, 1991 when I walked down the ilse to my groom. His love for Sarah surrounded him and it was so nice to see that on his face at the rehearsal dinner and during their wedding ceremony and at the reception. My friend, Cara looked amazing both days, Scottie was beautiful and I also loved Scott’s expressions and voice during the weekend.


Today, I just feel blessed! I woke up and spent time with a good book and coffee on our back porch, I took a nap and then Bailey and I headed to Costco. That was an adventure, the blessing would be that Chris will pay for our purchases.


Tonight, Bailey is working on songs for he Chapel Talk, I am thinking about the week ahead. Bailey turns 18, this Friday, 9/9. The next night we are hosting the Kennesaw State University Golf Team for dinner. We hosted them last year and are so excited to see their coach and the team again. We are also happy about seeing the coach’s wife and beautiful daughter. So this week is going to be good!


I am thankful for my best friend, Ann that always steps in and takes care of our dogs (not an easy task) when we are away. I am blessed with her friendship and tons of others. Tomorrow night, we will have dinner with 2 other couples we love.


Today, I am also thinking about October 16th. RACE DAY! This is the 5th year of Team CMB, a team that walks/runs to honor Christian’s memory. Race weekend has become one of my favorite weekends of the year. The race expo is always fun - I love the unexpected people that stop by and share personal stories. Every year, there has been a parent that engaged and told a story of their personal loss of child to cancer. That’t reallly awful, but it’s a reality. Childhood cancer is not rare! Unfortunately, I know that children die every day of childhood cancer and more children are diagnosed everyday. This is my world! I will forever be a CHILDHOOD CANCER MAMA.


What are your blessings????? I really want to hear them. My blessings are Bailey and Chris, and amazing friends that offer unconditional support.


So as always, Love Deeply, Forgive Often and Find Your Blessings, Robyn