April 9, 2015

by Robyn Bryant

April 9, 2015


I know, it has been a long time since you have heard from me in a true blog post...I will admit, this is an extremely difficult time of year. Three years ago, today, Christian was in room 316 at T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital, she was getting sicker everyday, but we never thought that she would not get better....


I have to say today was a good day for many reasons...but to give you a prelude, I need to back up a bit. I communicated to the hospital Foundation at Children’s and one of the pediatric hematologist/oncologist that I (meaning, The Christian Bryant Foundation) was very interested in building a beautiful art collection for our Children’s hospital. Sunday afternoon, March 22, 2015, I received a message from one of the Pediatric Hematologist/Ocologist saying the Inpatient revisions to the Hematology/Oncology area at Childrens was almost complete and needed art. Within the hour I read and article that appeared in the Chattanooga Times Free Press about an Art Gallery in Dalton. Incidentaly, I knew one of the owners, I reviewed the work I could see online and then Bailey and I visited the gallery and picked out some orginal art that we could see in the new remodeled Oncology inpatient area at Children’s....Today, one of the owners of the gallery and I delivered some art and placed it in the new, remodeled area at Children’s. We, of course were not alone, the nurse manager from the area was present, the Head of the Hospital Foundations was present and 2 of the Pediatric Hematolgist/Onocolgist were present. 


Today, was a happy day, we were placing beautiful art in an area that needs something special. As a parent that has lived this life, it was very personal for me. I chose a special piece to go outside room 316...standing in that room today, I had to keep my head in a good place, the room looks different, but it’s really not different, the view is still the same, the dimensions still the same, I can still see Christian in that room and our stuff there....What helped me most today was having the doctors present....I love them and respect them and our relationship is different now and I pray we never ever have a professional relationship again...so, today, we laughed together, joked about stuff and made a little fun...at the end of our time together, we, really meaning me, decided to name a painting, Avery,  after one of our very respected and loved doctors. I will do all in my power to make sure this particular painting bears the name, Avery, for all to see. 


I have to say, I am very excited about the opening of this new, remodeled area, at T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital...I am also excited about the vision for the new Children’s Hospital that is so needed. The art for this remodeled area will be a significant gift from The Christian Bryant Foundation. The Foundation is constantly thinking about making a difference. We are hoping to present a very large gift campaingn in the near future. Thank you to everyone that has ever donated to The Christian Bryant Foundation! - Robyn