December 2, 2015

by Robyn Bryant

December 2, 2015 Evening

It has been a long time since I have written and I do not know where to start. I think I will start with the last week. Thanksgiving was good, I honestly think the sunny skies and mild weather helped. I think the best part of the Thanksgivining Holiday this year is that It all started with an Amazing Terpsichord Thanksgiving Concert at GPS. Honestly, I think that concert set the tone for the entire Holiday. Bailey and I spent a great day of shopping in Atlanta with a perfect shopping friend. She will definately be included in future shopping trips. Even after the shopping trip to Atlanta, Bailey and I supported a local shop that we love the next day and supported it again the next day when we had lunch with all the Cullum girls. I am honestly surprised Chris has not hit the big STOP on shopping. He knows shopping has always been all 3 of his girls therapy. Christian could shop with the best and had amazing taste. My Mother has never understood where my shopping taste came from....probably one of my Daddy’s sisters. Now, Bailey has the most amazing eye for style and knows her designers and brands better than anyone I have ever seen. That was obvioius last week at a cosmetic area in Neiman Marcus in Atlanta. 

So, last week was not full of wonderfulness...a dear friend heard really bad news about her cancer. I still have no words. Honestly for her Mom and family no words are appropriate or okay. Today, I wrote my young friend a very long message full of more than she probably wanted to read. But I know she read it and hopefully, it helped her in some way...

Okay, now I struggle...there is so much to say, but considering what my friend is facing it’s so hard to move past that...

There has been so much positive today happening....I will have to share in a separate post. I have been listening to music since I got home tonight and there are songs that truly bring cold chills...I will post of some of those. Christian’s story has been published in a magazine a long with Esme Miller’s Story...for that I am so thankful. I am scheduled to speak at pediatriac conference in March. I am honored and scared and thankful and I so ready to try to wow a crowd with the incredible story of Christian and her amazing legacy! In the last 2 hours I found out about another honor, but I am not at liberty to share that news yet. Right now, I am so thankful for life, for my marriage, for my beautiful girls, even though one is no longer on earth, they both continue to impact this earth...God truly blesed me with amazing parents, a perfect husband and children that amaze me every day (even though one is in Heaven). I am so proud to be blessed to be the Mother of Christian and Bailey Bryant and the wife of Chris Bryant. 

So remember to love deeply, forgive often and find your blessings, Robyn