September 7, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

September 7, 2014


This has been a good weekend!  For 26 years, The Farm Golf Course has been hosting The Carpet Capital Collegiate golf tournament.  Chris has played off and on for many years during a Thursday round, before the main tournament started on Friday.  I knew many young golfers have played here that went on to be significant PGA Tour winners and contenders. One year, Christian and her friend Corbin Cullum volunteered, but I think they just viewed it as a hot day.


Friday night, we spent with our next door neighbors and the Wake Forest (WF) Golf Team and their Coach and The Farm Golf Pro and his wife, a couple, that I consider dear friends.  It was a nice intimate gathering, the meal was beautifully prepared and very delicious and the convesation was great! I even had the chance to talk a little about childhood cancer awareness and offer a challenge to the WF coach and golf team. The WF young men present Friday night, were exceptional in my book.  They were respectful, kind, couteous and thankful.


Saturday, Bailey, Chris and I watched some of the was enough to make me excited about today.  Saturday night we joined other neighbors that were hosting the Georgia Tech Golf Team. This was a larger gathering, but I did have the opportunity to stand and listen to a conversation and even ask a few questions between Ollie Schniederjans, the number one amatuer golfer in the USA, possibly World and Bob Shaw, the developer of The Farm Golf course.  It was an interesting conversation. My take away, was that Ollie will get is degree in the spring of 2015. He will not turn Pro without a degree. I personally admire that. The rest of the evening I visited with some neighbors I know and others I am just meeting, the conversation was intertaining and good.


Okay, last night I dreamed about golf, a first for sure, I always have extremely bizarre dreams, but not golf. I was so excited about watching golf today. That is a first for me, but I think for the first time I realized, that a lot of the great golfers in the last 26 years have played this tournament and today I knew I would be watching some potential future PGA tour winners. I was up and showered before daylight, but we did not arrive at the course until around 9:30 a.m.  We parked our golf cart and were on foot, Bailey got offered a ride with someone that would be close to her Poppy’s age and she ended up spending the day with this person.  She loved every minute.  Chris and I walked the course and watched the leader. I had to catch a ride back home with a good friend, because I had to be ready to have Bailey at Terpsichord rehearsal at 3 p.m in Chattanooga.  I returned quickly to the club house with her dance clothes and had some lunch and Chris and Bailey had the opportunity to watch Ollie finish. He was the individual winner. The University of South Carolina won the tournament as a team.


So tonight, while preparing dinner, I heard some news about another neighbor that is upsetting and prayers are needed.


Today, I am mostly just full of thanks!  I am thankful for the 3 deer we saw this morning driving down our hill, they were all babies, but one was so very small and was covered in spots. I am thankful for all of the beauty I saw today while walking the golf course.  I am thankful for the friends I saw along the way and the converstations today.


Tonight, I am thinking about Mary Elizabeth Paris and her family.  Tomorrow morning, her 7 year old brother, Whit, will have bone marrow extracted and Mary Elizabeth will have it injected and I am praying that Mary Elizabeth gets a beautiful cure without a single complication, no fevers, no infection, no rejection....just a solid CURE! I have never met this family face to face, but I feel like I know them well.....Please join me tomorrow, and as my friend, Anna Bozman says, PRAY BOLDLY FOR MARY ELIZABETH, WHIT AND THE REST OF THE PARIS FAMILY, especially, the middle child who tries to help everyone!


This is September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, our color is gold,  TAKE ACTION! MAKE A DIFFERENCE! - Robyn Bryant