September 22, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

September 22, 2014


Today started as a wonderful day. I am so happy about the Childhood Cancer Awareness happening in our community.  Last week Brookwood and Westwood Elementary Schools had events everyday to promote Childhood Cancer Awareness. This week, Cedar Ridge Elementary School in Murray County, Tunnell Hill Elementary School in Whitfield County and North Layfayette Elementary in Walker County are all “Going Gold” this week with events daily to promote Childhood Cancer Awareness.  Girl’s Preparatory School is “Going Gold” this Wednesday, 9/24 and Hamilton Medical Center is “Going Gold” on 9/30 for Childhood Cancer Awareness.  So, a lot of positives to start the day....


And today was Bailey’s Terpsichord “Original” performance. Terpshichord is a Modern Dance Company at Girl’s Preparatory School and each new member performs a piece they choreograph as a solo on stage. Bailey and all the others performing today did an outstanding job. I am so proud of Bailey


I had lunch with friends. Then I visited with a friend and her husband for a while in the early afternoon at their home...I then shopped with the same friend, picked up Bailey and all was great until I walked in our home and glanced at phone messages....


Today, other pediatric cancer parents, that are friends, received some not so good news about their Survivor Son...the news was kind of vague, no real answers...anyone that lives in the pediatric cancer world knows what I am talking about. Literally, the kind of news that can drop you to your knees, make breathing difficult and the flow of tears non stop. I am so angry right now, I am so tired of hearing bad news almost daily about a child battling cancer. My daughter died because of rare treatment complications for the “good” kind of Leukemia...Is it really okay that children are dying every day from cancer and many more are receiving the devastating news that they have cancer. First I ask that everyone pray for all the families affected by childhood cancer, then I ask that you be a voice and spread awareness and then, Take Action. Do something important to impact childhood cancer. I do not want anyone else to have a child die or hear the words, “your child has cancer.” Tonight, I am upset, but mostly, I am helpless!!!!!! Helpless is how a parent feels when they have no control of what is happening to their child - and that my friends is the reality of Childhood Cancer! - Robyn Bryant