July 1, 2014 Evening

by Robyn Bryant

July 1, 2014  Evening



The Christian Bryant Foundation was established a little over two years ago.  We are part of the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia.  We have been blessed with generous donations, but we are still growing and do not have unlimited funds.  We have had the honor of helping numerous families with significant need during our existence and we donated 11 sleep recliners to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital, we also funded a research project with money donated from the GPS/McCallie Mission/Remission event in 2013.  Last year some of the families we helped applied for need through a formal application process during our Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Project.  In the last two months, I have been personally contacted from people in our community about needs for local families with children battling cancer.  Most of these are new diagnosis...I was honored to have the opportunity to speak with one of the Father of one of the children we helped while he was at my home.  My heart aches for all of these families...they are unable to work, unable to pay bills...we were so blessed, but I lived in a hospital and the oncology clinic for over a year!  Some of these families have been living this life for many years (thank goodness, because their child still lives).  Our daughter died and we are trying to make sure other families can survive the difficult journey!  Most know, that I have been a nurse for over 25 years, I could teach a class on HIPPA and I am a rule follower! There has never ever been a HIPPA violation with any family we have assisted.  It is rare for me to have personal contact with families unless the family contacts me...who would want to talk with someone whose child died?  The Christian Bryant Foundation will continue to help families in need and are thankful that recently we have been contacted personally about multiple local families...we are never happy about a new diagnosis, but  very ready to offer assistance.  Remember, as Christian said, “Everyday is a gift, you never know what will happen.”  - Robyn Bryant