July 22, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

July 22, 2014 12:00 p.m.


I wondered yesterday, when I had a message from the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Hamilton Medical Center tell me to arrive by 7:30 a.m.  if my surgery by chance had been moved up.  Chris and I pulled in the parking lot and my phone was ringing, it was the surgery center asking if I was on my way...yes, my surgery was moved up.  I was quickly registered (I sent Chris to the Wellness Center across the street to exercise after I was registered) and I knew it was going to be a good experience when Heather Nichols came to take me back and was my primary nurse.  She and Josalyn Shults (both are former ED nurses) got me ready for surgery and did an excellent job.  The best surprise was Vicki Pippin stopping by just to give me a tight hug and tell me she loves me (she is one of the unfortunate people that has had a child die also).  Dr. Paynter, my surgeon came by and then Dr. Goodge, my anesthesiologist was very kind and compassionate.  He ask if he could pray with me, I of course agreed, me and Josalyn, Dr. Goodge, Heather and Vicki all held hands and he prayed a very special prayer.  In no time, I was in recovery and awake and my surgery went well.  If I had any dreams while asleep, I do not remember them.  The whole experience was exceptional, starting with my pre op visit at Dr. Paynter’s office.  My very good friends, Lynnette Bennett and Kim Brown came over and while Chris was getting my prescriptions filled, they helped me get dressed.  I walked to the car with the assistance of Kim and Lynnette, Heather buckled me in and then we were headed home.  I have been home for a while now.  The surgery center was efficient and I received outstanding care.  Now, my sweet Bailey will attend to my needs this afternoon...I think I will sleep a lot...Thank you everyone for all the prayers today. - Robyn