July 16, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

July 16, 2014


Childhood Cancer from a Parent Perspective:


~Drops you to your knees ~Terrifies ~Humbles ~ Makes you question everything ~Makes you feel like you cannot take a deep breath, but know you must because you are the parent ~Makes you so Angry! ~It’s awful to see your beautiful daughter loose all her privacy and dignity due to the medical care and helplessness of the disease and treatment ~It changes your whole life ~Your family will never be the same ~You will never be the same ~It’s hard to watch your daughter try so hard just to be Normal ~You live in fear ~You grow closer to your daughter because you are forced to spend more time together than any 17/18 year old girl wants to spend with their Mama ~You watch other families suffer ~You hear about families that cannot pay bills, pay for gas, etc... ~You see teenage children left alone in the hospital because their parent has to work ~You also see smiles and laughter ~Children battling cancer make the best of the situation and persevere ~You become close to families and other patients ~You care deeply about each other ~Our children are fighting an awful battle ~Complications occur, some go away quickly, but the memory of the awful event will never go away ~Then more complications occur and occur again and again and one morning after a long race and a courageous battle with the complications of treatment...Your worst fear becomes a reality! ~Your beautiful daughter leaves this world for her perfect home and is truly healed ~You are numb ~I am not sure it will ever be completly real that Christian is dead...We talk openly about her and I want everyone to talk about Christian and rememeber her...My heart is forever broken, but I am also so blessed to have had Christian as my daughter for 18 1/2 years....


When Christian died with the guidance and help of friends we started The Christian Bryant Foundation - In the last 2 years we have made many gifts with the funds received...but in the last month, the need of the local oncology families has been devastating!  We have donated $10,000 this month to help very local pediatric oncolgy families survive...We are paying house payments, for tires, car repairs, utility bills and so much more...The average family with a child with Pediatric Cancer may possibly loose everything: car, house, marriage may fall apart...and in the end after all that lose, their child may die...The Christian Bryant Foundation is trying very hard to help some of our local families barely keep their head above water.  Can you help at all???  I really do not like asking for money!!!! But these families have to be with their sick child and some have to travel to far away places for treatment, some have been fighting for over 5 years...Donations to The Christian Bryant Foundation are tax dedutible we are a fund through the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia.  Our address is The Christian Bryant Foundation ~ C/O The Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia ~ P.O Box 942 ~ Dalton, Georgia 30722  Our website is www.thechristianbryantfoundation.com


I am not a fundraiser, every gift is appreciated and will be put to good use...but I am open to fundraising ideas...after spending $10,000 in one month, we need to generate some money to continue helping our local pediatric oncolgy families survive!  Thank you in advance for your gift, no matter how small or large!  -Robyn Bryant