July 13, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

July 13, 2014 Evening


This weekend we celebrated the marriage of friends.  Bailey was a bridesmaid and Christian was honored on the program as a special friend.  I laughed, cried some, made new friends, enjoyed friendship, it was a special weekend.  But all weekend, not far from my mind is Christian - Childhood Cancer - the awful effects on families and the tremendous need.  I hope some local elementary schools will participate in a Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September.  When Christian was part of of Dalton Public Schools, she attended Westwood, Brookwood and City Park.  Many of the faculty and teachers from these schools attended Christian’s funeral and tried to follow her journey.  Because Christian was older and very private, her journey was private as well...It is still hard for me to write about parts of her journey because parts were so horrific.  Westwood currently has 2 students battling childhood cancer, Brookwood had a child battle last year and thankfully is on the survival side, there is a child from Murray County Battling and I am sure others that I do not know about.  In the last month, I have requested checks from The Christian Bryant Foundation totalling $7,000 to help families survive the fundamental needs of transportation, gas, house payment, utility bills, etc.  As I have stated previously, these needs were made known to me through coummunity contacts...It’s funny, because some of the people that work very closely with the pediatric oncology families do not realize how close the pediatric oncology community is - those of us that can offer support sometimes hear about a new diagnosis within an hour of the family being notified....it is never from hospital staff, it’s from friends of friends of friends...the pediatric oncology commmunity is close knit.....

So, the point of this blog... there is tremendous need!!!!  The Christian Bryant Foundation is ready and willing to help families and we appreciate every donation that has ever been made.  Fundraising is not my thing, but I need to figure that out!  If you are willing to make a difference and change a life, bring a smile to a distraught Mother or Father worried about how they will have gas to get to the next clinic visit or how they will feed their family or keep the electricity on...the list could go on and on....I invite you to make a difference, to Believe in Possibility and make a donation to The Christian Bryant Foundation c/o The Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia  P.O. Box 942 Dalton, Georgia 30722. -  Thank You! - Robyn Bryant