June 18, 2014 Evening

by Robyn Bryant

June 18, 2014  Evening


Today has been a good day!!!!  Today was one of Bailey’s volunteer days at T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital.  Normally, I would head back home or to work after dropping her off, today, I stayed in Chattanooga.  I did one errand then headed back to Children’s - I had a check from The Christian Bryant Foundation to deliver.  I find out about needs and new patients from friends in Dalton or Chattanooga, never from the hospital.  Today, I was standing in the Children’s ED lobby when Dr. Jennifer Keates was literally flying through...she saw me and ask what I was doing and thought the person I was waiting to hear from might be on Children’s 300.  I love everything about her...she was our very first contact in May of 2011 in the Hematology/Oncology Clinic and I have gotten closer to her since Christian died.  Here is a special memory, In 2012, during the last month of Christian’s life, she was on call Mother’s Day....things were not great that Sunday in the unit and I think I got tearful duing rounds, when she was preparing to leave, she knelt in front of me and handed me a gift for Mother’s day...something, I will always remember and she will always hold a special place in my heart.  Today, I did not find the person I needed on Children’s 300, but I did find, one of the very special pediatric Residents in our life, Dr. Thomas Barros. I was able to give him a hug and chat briefly before leaving for the Hematology/Oncology Clinic.  It’s odd, because the hospital is not a hard place for me - it still remains a place of healing - Christian received excellent care everytime she entered the door of T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital.....  In the Clinic, I know longer check in at the desk as we did when Christian was a patient, I speak to the receptionist that I dearly love and go back...I saw some very special people today, Ashley Zani, Donna, Gailynn,  the physicians and our social worker that would make sure the check I delivered got to the correct place.  The check today was to give assistance to two families that are trying very hard to survive childhood cancer....Childhood cancer can rob the most stable family of everything...I am happy that Christian’s Foudation was able to offer some relief and I am more thankful for the people in Dalton that made me aware of the need.  As I was getting off the elevator, I saw an empty wheelchair rounding the corner and knew I might need to avoid it...the driver was none other than my beautiful daughter, Bailey.  She was headed back up to her volunteer area.  After leaving the hospital, I headed to one of my “Happy” places in Chattanooga and spent time with Natalie Paulson and Jessica just visiting...I really love them!  I picked up Bailey and we had a great lunch at The Boathouse and then we headed back to see Natalie and Jessica again....we accomplised our mission and then headed home....we made our Wednesday stop at Brown’s Produce and purchased fresh green beans and squash (they were delicious for dinner...Bailey said, “I am glad I come from a long line of good cooks.”  I thank my Mother, Justine Moseley, for giving me freedom in her kitchen and the love of good food...cooking is therapy for me!)

I also laughed a lot today, sometimes over just random things but I laughed....and it felt so good just to laugh....I think when I reflect on this day it will be with pride, that once again Christian made a difference in lives and that Bailey and I had fun together and I laughed out loud more than once! So, therefore, today is a good day! - Robyn Bryant