June 11, 2014 Evening

by Robyn Bryant

June 11, 2014  Evening


It has been a long time since I have written a true “Blog” post.  We survived the second anniversary of Christian’s death.  The second year without Christian was so much harder for me than the first.  We did move into our new house on May 24, 2014, so with the help of some special men, we were in the house by my absolute deadline.  This is definately home, I feel like we settle in a little more each day.  I feel a lot of peace in the new house, there is not a room, that I don’t love....


I want to talk about today...it has been a really good day!  I would have never guessed this morning that today would be such a good day....I woke up feeling very tired, not uncommon for me, but I also felt rested (very uncommon).  Bailey volunteers and T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital twice a week, today was a volunteer day, only her 3rd day...I have to say, I am so proud of her for choosing to do volunteer this summer in the same hospital where her sister died.  Bailey’s first day was last Wednesday, she was shocked and happy about how many people knew her....the person that spoke to her that hits home for me is Dr. Erin Reade, one of the PICU intensivist that cared for Christian.  For some reason, she was in Children’s Outpatient Surgery and recognized, and spoke and spent time talking to Bailey.  Well, back to today...I dropped off Bailey for volunteering and then came back home and got in bed (one of my favorite places) and finished a good book.  I did a few things around the house and then headed to pick up Bailey.  We had a nice lunch together at Vine Street Market.  Once we got on the interstate, I told Bailey that I would love to go by The Barn Nursery and go to The Fresh Market.....She thought both were a great idea...I feel a special bond to The Barn Nursery because the owners have lived the life we live...their daughter died far too young from a childhood cancer, neuroblastoma.  They have a wonderful foundation, Lana’s Love, that helps the children with cancer have fun and so much more....Well, Bailey and I had the best time shopping for some annuals and some herbs and a couple of nice containers....We then headed to the The Fresh Market and then home....on the way home the sky was getting very dark, but I told Bailey I wanted to stop by Brown’s Produce (it’s very close off our exit to go home).  The rain came and it was a huge downpour....when we pulled into Brown’s produce, the rain had slowed, but it was still raining.  The first thing Bailey noticed was the huge sunflower garden!  We love fresh flowers at our house, Bailey loves them best.  She bought some beautiful white peonies at The Fresh Market for her room...She had me ask about the sunflowers...they told us a price and she an one of the ladies headed out in the rain and mud to cut sunflowers...they are gorgeous!  I have nevery seen such big flowers and the leaves are  even beautiful.


We arrived home and the work started...of course she first arranged the sunflowers and peonies....we then headed outside...together, we planted herbs, layed rock around a bed, planted more flowers, prepared and planted 2 planters, and planted 5 tomato plants and 3 large black eyed susans...the best part about the tomatos and blackeyed susan...is that I can see them from my bathroom window to keep check...I am really excited about the tomatos and the flowers.  So today has been a good day...I finished a book, spent quality time with Bailey, we added some color to our yard and had a good dinner...we are blessed...  Just a side bar....on Wednesdays, Bailey has another volunteen with her in Children’s Outpatient Surgery...she ask Bailey, “How do you know so many people.”....Bailey told her about Christian.  Bailey also told me today about how much she enjoys nature...I share that with her now...I notice everthing in nature....Thanks for reading this blog and supporting and following The Christian Bryant Foundation and Team CMB.  - Robyn