February 24, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

February 24, 2014


In so many ways I wish I could turn back time and make our life normal again...but I would have to go back 3 years now....


When Christian first got sick in May of 2011, we were confident in where Christian was being treated because Turner Fordham had been treated in the same place.....Christian was very sick in May of 2011, but she did not receive a cancer diganosis.  She spent the summer visiting “The Oncology Clinic” once a week and working out like crazy training for her senior Cross Country Season.  Well, in August of 2011, Christian got sick again while at Cross Country Camp....Christian was difficult to diagnose, but when she got her diagnosis, Turner Fordham was one of the first people she notified.  Christian was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (the good kind of cancer), the same cancer Turner was surviving! Turner received Christian’s message when she was moving in at the University of Georgia for her Freshman year.  Turner was devasted, she knew what Christian faced, but she had hopes for a cure.....In November of 2011, Christian was well into treatment and trying her best to have a normal Senior year of High School (Impossible).  Very close to Thanksgiving, Turner visited “The Clinic” for a check up...it was not a good day!  After multiple test, it was determined that Turner had relapsed.  Turner was very close to being 5 years off treatment.  We were devasted!  Turner was Christian’s inspiration!  We had learned every diagnosis is different! 


Due to Turner’s relapse protocol she was in the hospital very often.  So, Christian and Turner spent many days together in the hospital.  We always tried to be positive....while Christian was admitted for her first High dose Methotrexate, Turner was also admitted, but during one night experienced complications and had to be transferred very quickly to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  I remember thinking, (and not for the first time), I pray Christian is never in PICU.  Turner did fine and was able to make it home Christmas day that year if I remember correctly.  Christian, unfortunately did enter PICU after a stroke related to treatment the day after Christmas 2011.  And was in PICU the last 42 days of her life in the spring of 2012. 


Christian and Turner continued to spend lots of time together in the hospital and had a special bond.....I am thankful for Turner and her inspiration and the special bond she and Christian developed.  Tomorrow, Febuary 25, 2014, Turner turns 21 years old...in many ways a miracle....I am thankful for her life and her inspiration and her love.  Happy Birthday Turner!  I love you! - Robyn Bryant