December 8, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

December 8, 2014


When I type the date, it’s unreal, it’s been two and half years since Christian left us for her perfect home. In my mind everything revolves around when she got sick, when things happened during her treatment and when she died....I guess that’s what happens when your child dies before all their plans are finished...but I hope Christian knows that she is still making things happen in NW Georgia and the Greater Chattanooga area for pediatric oncology families...Today, the Sunny 92.3, Cure Kid’s Cancer Radiothon began...this time of year brings back so many memories, Christian’s beautiful montage that James Howard put together, her live interview...Christian telling me when I did not want to participate, “Mama, you have to do this, it’s for the children.”  Christian never thought of herself as one of the children with cancer. Well, sweet Christian, I have been part of the radiothon every year, the year after you died I did a recorded interview that was aired, last year I was live and this year I will again be live at the very end of the radiothon on Friday....thinking and praying about the gift The Christian Bryant Foundation will pledge....


Tonight, I am sitting in our family room looking at our Christmas tree. I have always loved, just sitting and looking at our tree..our tree contains so many memories! I have all my girl’s handmade ornaments on the tree, there are ornaments from my childhood, ornaments from trips...special memories adorn the tree. I am so thankful for each ornament and the memories made. 


Last night, we hosted our first big party in our new house, it was our Sunday School party...the food and fellowship was fabulous.


I am always pretty reflective, but this time of year maybe more so....I am so thankful for Chris and Bailey and our supportive close friends...But, I think about Christian all the time. I wonder if one day, I will not miss her quite so much and the physical hurt will not be so bad, sometimes it’s literally like someone stabs you in the chest, the physical pain is so severe. 


My spirtual journey is continuing...I have started a book by Bob Goff, “Love Does.” I am excited about the book and the Bible study that will follow in January.


I ask that everyone will pray daily, hourly for our special oncology children. The ones I am aware of from Atlanta to our area all need us down on our knees and I would also like for your to offer a special prayer for Brock Harrell, he is preparing for a bone marrow transplant at Egleston this month. Brock was in treatment right along with Christian, they were often admitted together and their clinic days were the same..Brock has Severe Aplastic Anemia. 


“Everyday is a gift, you never know what will happen.” - Christian Bryant, December 2011