December, 17, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

December 17, 2014


Some wonder, how do you survive the loss of a child? Well, it is pretty awful and literally from minute to minute your focus and world can change, the tiniest thing will bring back a memory that has tears flowing or your heart clenching with physical pain...I go through so many emotions every single day, but my survival is Chris and Bailey and my faith! My survival is also The Christian Bryant Foundation and the amazing legacy my beautiful daughter has left with all of us. I don’t really even know how to start this blog post....


First, there are so many children on my heart and in my prayers that are battling the beast of childhood cancer or severe blood disorders. And so many families on my heart that are now like us....childhood cancer continues to take far too many of our children and the suffering those that are still here endure is gruesome and awful.


This past Sunday, I had the honor of being the primary hostess (I had lots of help) for a bridal shower in honor of Turner Fordham, a 2 time Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia survivor. 


Through Christian’s Foundation, I have been working on Christmas for some families...last week, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing Mother of one of these children. I delivered another families Christmas to the oncolgy clinic Monday. I have never and may never meet this particular family, but I am honored that we were ask to provide Christmas for them. We have one other family we are working on Christmas for...but this family is a personal friend and loved very much by us....All of this is done with the help of very generous donors! My Bible study donated at least $1,350 dollars to help these families and another friend donated grocery cards and money for another grocery card and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital donated funds to help a family they have cared for...And I have 3 friends that have shopped and spent a lot of money finding the perfect gifts for one of the families...I feel so blessed to be Christian’s Mama and be the primary represenitive of The Christian Bryant Foundation. Honestly, sometimes, this is an overwhelming task. I take comments personally and criticism personally...and I only want to do the right thing and educate, that said, I think, I might finally be ready for some public speaking David Aft. 


Today, is the 15th Birthday of a young man battling cancer that I have grown to love. Last week,  I ask that his Facebook page be shared and liked for prayers and support for his Birthday.....oh my goodness, this afternoon, it soared, the goal was 1,000 likes and it is now this minute at 1,208!


Tomorrow is the 2nd Anniversary of Kennedy Griffith’s death and like Christian and all the others, she more pain, no more suffering!


Finally, I hope that I am finally in a position to make a differance for all of those I care about at T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital...please pray that God will guide (and I will listen) my words during every interaction I have with upper management and that doors will be open and  the administrators will listen and take action. 


Today, I was blessed to see a huge delivery of toys to T.C Thompson in memory of a beautiful boy, Landyn, that died far too young...and blessed to get a long tight hug from one of Christian’s favorite nurses, Jamie...and spend time talking with the child life specailists that I love so much and get a tight hug from an ED nurse, that still remembers my name and more importantly will never ever forget Christian or Bailey! And a sweet social worker stopped me and told me how she loves following these post and that she is a Moseley too....Guess what, no surprise to anyone who reads my blog regularly...”Everyday is a gift, you never know what will happen!” - Christian Bryant 2011

and “Love Deeply, Forgive Often and Find Your Blessings!” - Robyn Bryant