November 22, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

Happy Birthday Beautiful Christian! I miss you more everyday! I am thankful for your life and your beautiful legacy and I so thankful that I was chosen to be your Mama.

Yesterday, was a big day! Bailey performed beautifully in her first Terpsichord Thanksgiving Concert. You would have been so proud of her. Then your Daddy, Bailey and I went to the Clinic to make a special delivery for your Birthday. Gabriel was there, I know you remember precious Gabriel, he was 3 when you met him and he is 6 now. He is fighting a hard fight against his cancer. We gave him a 7 foot inflatable Snowman for his yard to enjoy during the holidays. Then came the big gift in honor of your Birthday...20 I Pad Minis with Survivor Cases to be given to some of the Children battling cancer. We decided that the I Pad Minis would be given to children that faced a lot of clinic time and a lot of time in the hospital...the first girl that was given one, has already spent tons of time in clinic and the hospital and she is a sweet girl from our area. Another was given to a young girl in PICU yesterday, but your friend, Ashley made that delivery. Your foundation is thriving and through the generous gifts we have been able to help many families. Christian, your life and legacy continues to make an impact, you wanted to change the world....well, my beautiful daughter you are making a difference and you are leaving a huge impact. I will love you forever and I carry you everywhere in my heart. Today, Bailey and I are going to one of your favorite places, The Clay Pot. to volunteer for Project Snowman, hundreds of children with gather to make snowmen that will be given to the children at T.C. Thompson. Your Daddy, plans to spend some time working in the yard and will hopefully, get in some golf this afternoon. Today will be forever your day and we will always celebrate you and your beautiful life. I love you Christian and Happy Birthday! - Mama