October 9, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

October 9, 2014....

I deleted my blog post last night. Even though, I did not say a name, many knew who I was referring to and it bothered me....So, today, I really was not going to make any kind of post...but despite adversity and distraction thinking about so many friends battling childhood cancer and one battling breast cancer and 2 others fighting ovarian cancer...I feel my day was okay. I am taking an Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course. During the "Shock" lecture, I thought I was going to loose it and have to leave the room, I was fighting tears and taking deep breaths. Thankfully, I was sitting in between 2 friends, but I am not sure they even knew I was having a hard time. Later, I was able to go up to the instructor for that lecture from Egleston and tell her that she did a great job and share briefly that my oldest daughter died and how on May 26, 2012. I found myself doing it again when we were in our small group for practice. Right now, I should be studying for tomorrow, but again, I am extremely distracted. I am thankful for the many relationships established during Christian's journey and for all of those that still love and remember Christian. Tonight, I needed to understand something about cancer, I first did a search online (did not see the info I needed) and then I just sent a text to an expert and was granted a quick response that helped me understand. I will always wish that childhood cancer was not part of my world and really wish that my oldest daughter was still alive, attending Georgia Tech, realizing and fulfilling her dreams to change the world. As I am writing this blog post, I have communicated with another oncology parent, a PICU nurse and an expert in the oncology field. I have been thinking so much about  Team CMB and my instinct tells me even though our numbers are smaller for the team, this is going to be a very good year for our Team! My Mama is flying in from upstate NY for her first race weekend. The people running and walking are so special to me and our family, some are traveling from great distances to be a part of Team CMB...now realize, some, I have never met face to face...this year, please come say hello! We will have some new T-shirts and other goodies for sale at the Race Expo and race day! A special PICU nurse, bought the first new T-Shirt yesterday (sight unseen), because she will be working the weekend of the race. I am "praying boldly" tonight as my friend, Anna Bozman says for so many children battling childhood cancer! I am also praying for a friend battling breast cancer, and 2 battling ovarian cancer.  So, as Christian said, "Everyday is a gift, you never know what will happen." and I say Love Deeply, Forgive Often and Find your Blessings. - Robyn