October 5, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

Some things you never forget, but when you have worse tragedy and grief it gets buried.....

18 years ago tomorrow, my sweet Mama was with my beautiful Christian. 18 years ago, tomorrow was mine and my husband's first major loss...we delivered a baby, Joshua Shepherd Bryant. I will never forget holding and dressing him, he looked so much like Christian. I was very anemic when I got home, but Christian came in the bathroom and said, "Mama, you do not have a baby in your belly anymore." I said No, I do not. After Christian died, a journal was discovered where Christian talked about her brother in heaven..."I have a brother in heaven, most people do not know, but I know." Due to my many complications, we did not tell when we were expecting Bailey. One night, Chris was helping Christian with her bath and she said, "Guess what, I am going to have a baby sister." Chris knew I was pregnant, he ask how she knew and her response was, "God told me."     - Robyn