October 28, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

October 28, 2014


I think I have said before, when I turn on the computer to write a blog post, the fist thing I see is a picture of Christian sitting on the GPS track in Middle School, her big blue eyes looking straight at me. Sometimes, this picture takes my breath away and others it is comforting. I miss Christian every minute of everyday with every part of me! In the missing, I realize that Since May of 2011 when Christian first entered the doors of the Hematology/Onclolgy Clinic at T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga, Tn. that our family, including Christian, began to make some relationships that are strong and continue to this very minute. There are those that were part of “Christian’s Race” and new relationships I cherish! I am trying very hard to focus on positives and all the people that love us and do not mind talking about Christian openly and those that support Christian’s Foundation, not necessarilly financially, but with your presence. You are all loved and appreciated so very much! As of this week, The Christian Bryant Foundation has made gifts totalling $62,000. I have a detailed brochure about these gifts, but it does not include $3,000 in gifts made in the last 2 weeks. 


The last 3 weeks have been especially difficult! Preparing for “Race Weekend” is always a little stressful, but this year even more so...The race was wonderful, Team CMB was amazing, we had top finishers in every race in almost every age division! I am very proud of Team CMB! This year was especially hard, because my heart was very heavy and continues to be! I will always be a “childhood cancer Mama” and worse, a Mama, whose child died. I only find out about current patients if someone tells me from the community or it is someone I know that is diagnosed. Well, since May of 2014, The Christian Bryant Foundation has donated more money than ever to help support children and their families while battling childhood cancer. I am overwhelmed with the need! Now to the last 3 weeks, an aquaintance, now a dear friend’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and is in critical/stable condition (only an oncology parent would begin to get that statement), another precious baby, precious and beautiful, Grace, 20 months old died a week ago tonight. A beautiful girl that received a perfect match bone marrow transplant from her brother found out this week the leukemia is already back! I really hate cancer! Especially, childhood cancer! All I can do for these families, is love them, offer encouragement and HOPE and PRAY! So, join me and pray for all of our pediatric oncolgy children and their families. 


This past Friday, Westside Elememtary School in Rocky Face, Georgia presented The Christian Bryant Foundation with a check for $500.00, that money will immediately be given back to help one of their students that is battling leukemia. Thank you Westside Elementary School for the special gift!


Today, Bailey and I had to take an alternate route to GPS due to a major traffice incident on I-75, she arrived on time and I headed back south to Windstone Golf Club to join my friend Holly Shull that manages the Lana’s Love Foundation to volunteer for their annual Golf Tournament. I was absolutely no help, she had it all under control and I hope I was able to give her just a tad of emotional support. I had to leave to attend a luncheon I committed to a long time ago and I  thought I would be able to return to the golf tournament, but that did not happen. Thank you Holly Shull for all you do for the Oncology Families in our region through Lana’s Love Foundation, I apprecaite you very much!


Well, my luncheon was a benefit, but really the only reason I was there was because my good friend, Joe Jumper was the guest and presenter! Joe is a special person in my life for many reasons, too many to explain, but I love him and love his work. Joe, thank you for the laughs today and just being you! One day, we have to make sure a book is published....you are awesome!


So, today, I have to leave you with Christian’s words, “Everyday is a gift, you never know what will happen.” and Mine, “Love Deeply, Forgive Often and Find Your Blessings!”  - Robyn Bryant