October 16, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

October 16, 2014

Today did not start off in an ideal way....but despite the obstacles, Bailey made it to her first class with a few minutes to spare.  After dropping her off, I went and sat in the same parking lot that we will occupy all weekend for Team CMB. I just needed to collect myself and send some text. After a response to one of the text, I was on the go again and had a plan for part of my day. My Mother is here for a visit and I am so happy she is here. I came home this morning and she was working on something in our kitchen and I told her to be ready to leave by 10:15.  We both got some jobs accomplished and left closer to 10:25 this morning to head back to Chattanooga. I picked up some to go lunch for 4 of our oncolgy parents with children in PICU and headed to the hospital, hoping for a spot in the ED parking lot and there it was, perfect timing. I was on a schedule and focused on a couple of missons, I checked in and got my pass to enter the Children’s Hospital area. I greeted one parent outside of PICU and quickly moved inside with the lunches I was delivering. As I was talking to one nurse about my delivery, because I did not want to enter the room and wake up the precious baby inside, one of the pediatric oncologist came out of another room...you need to realize that I am extremely close to 3 of the current pediatric oncologist. I was in a mode, today, I did not need to think about where I was and what was going on around me! I ask the oncolgist to look at something printed about what The Christian Bryant Foundation has done since our beginning. I got the go ahead to leave my information. So, anyone at T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital may see something with some information about what The Christian Bryant Foundation has done since May 26, 2012. Again, today I got some very tight hugs and left quickly. 

So now it’s almost Race weekend! I am getting excited, I still have lots to do, but I have made my list and Bailey and I went to office depot tonight and got some needed supplies. Tomorrow, I have another list and I have a dear friend ready to help me if needed and my Mama is here (but I have a job for her...she has a degree in horticultrue and loves plants)...I am happy so happy to have my Mama here, this will be her first Team CMB weekend to experience and even though we are smaller this year, honestly, I feel there are some special things happening in our team!!!!!

So about the 2014 Team CMB...first big thanks to the race executives (Jay Nevans and Kenneth Radley), they continue to make Team CMB special! Then I am always thankful for our special friends that continue to support Team CMB every year. I am very thankful for those running and walking that never knew Christian that have heard her story and want to walk/run in her memory (please come introduce yourself to me, Chris or Bailey this weekend)! Literally, all day, I have thought about this, for us race weekend is HUGE. It’s not a fundraiser, no one that runs to honor Christian’s memory is required to raise funds. We will have a tent at the race expo Saturday and during all the races Sunday with T-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, pens, market bags for sale (we only take cash or check) and most important information on what The Christian Bryant Foundation does. 

So, tonight, I am feeling the need to talk about some of our team members...I KNOW I will leave someone out and I am sorry, nothing intentional! The last count I received we have 4 Team CMB members running the full marathon, 26.2 miles...2 are women I have not met face to face and I want to meet them very bad! The next was a pediatric resident that was with Christian, literally everyday for the last 8 weeks of her life! He was greatly impacted by her journey and this will be his 3rd year to run, but his first full marathon and he and his family are traveling from North Carolina for the event. The next full marathoner was the assistant cross country coach at Girls Preparatory School (GPS) when Christian was a senior. This will also be her 3rd year to run for Team CMB, but her first year to run the Marathon. And then, I go to others...Jeff Gaither, Christian’s Cross Country Coach is running the half marathon in her memory for the 3rd year in a row. His first “Team CMB” jersey hangs in his classroom at GPS.  Anyone who reads my blog knows I have spent time at T.C. Thompson in the past 14 days or so....I cannot begin to explain to anyone my connection to the staff and doctors there...but there is one doctor, a PICU intensivist, that has run the half marathon every year to honor Christian’s memory and she is running again this Sunday, October 19th. And there are many nurses and their spouses running. There are 2 Pediatric Residents that are now doing fellowships in another city, they are returning to run Sunday. There is a founder of another pediatric cancer foundation running and another pediatric cancer foundation that is supporting us with their presence and participation in Team CMB. And, my friend, Jason Greer, Chattanooga Ironman, fellow cancer parent is running the half marathon. I am thankful for every member of Team CMB, volunteers included! So here is a challenge....The Christian Bryant Foundation has made gifts to totalling $59,0000 since May 26, 2012...we are a very small foundation making a difference....If everyone that reads this post would mail a check for $10 or $20 that amount could literally save a family. Make a difference, be a difference, Love deeply, forgive often and find your blessings, Robyn