January 27, 2014 Evening

by Robyn Bryant

January 27, 2014 Evening


I cannot believe the first month of 2014 is almost gone.  January is the only Month that Chris really has to travel much.  And everyone that knows me well, knows he is truly my better half!!!!  I do not like for him to be away, but our Bailey really does not like it.  So Please,  everyone pray for safe travels for him and all those traveling this month.  I think I shared earlier that I started this year sick, which is rare for me.  I have turned a corner and feel so much better.  I think I may have turned a corner emotionally as well, or I am just in a better place right now.  Regardless, I am thankful!  I feel a huge calling for childhood cancer awareness....but maybe God gave me some pause before the campaign kicked off with my recent cough, etc.  I am feeling more ready and stronger to be a voice!  I was honored to be able to speak to a group of residents and medical students at UAB in December...that talk gave me the confidence I need to be a voice...I am ready!  


Today, is a Monday, it has been a pretty good day.  I was at work earlier and was busy.  When I picked up Bailey my heart tightened up some...I felt her anxiety about the week and what is on her plate tomorrow and was anxious because I am NO HELP to her.  Her Daddy is her help and he is out of town.  A friend rode home with us today, I took her home and then took Bailey to the condominium we rent and then headed out to our house.  A lot of progress is happening right now....out house project is very personal for all of us and we chose our contractor, Kim Wooods, for Quality, Confidence and Personal reasons and I have choosen everyone I work with for the same reasons. I have to say I am happy with the the places and people that have helped with everything form toliets to counter tops to cabinets, to lighting and some furniture.  We are purchashing all of our counter tops and fixtures (toliets, faucets, sinks, etc.) from Stone Source in Chattanooga.  Anna has been our primary contact, but I love everyone there and sometimes will go and just visit with them, they have been a blessing to our family.  Tonight, I had a long conversation with our cabinet maker.  Michael Smith is great and I am so excited about all of our cabinetry for the new house.  I explained to Kim Woods, our contractor,  very early that our project was very personal and I needed to feel good about everyone majorly involved.  Basically, that means they have to know our story and understand that Yes, I may be crazy, but our house is personal and special.  By everyone, I truly mean everyone...Kevin, who has been there at our house since day one knows our story and has experienced my many moods.  I appreciate his team (Kim’s Team) and all his hard work and the work of our team.  I am also very thankful for so many of my Chattanooga good friends that have provided me with the contacts for lighting and some furniture.  Our new house is finally coming together and I can visually see the finished product inside.  Now, outside, I need help!  I want very simple landscaping...In the house department, I am still most thankful for Kim Woods!  I like to pretend I am his favorite customer, but know I am not.  I want to be easy to work with, but I like what I like and I am trying very hard to stick to a budget.


So, tonight, I am actually pretty good.  I still want everyone to click on the link to vote for Justin Moore for the ACM New Artist award.  My heart breaks everytime I read post from Mom’s and Grandparents that have recently had children die.


My thought will always be...how can I make a difference, how can I change the world. - Robyn Bryant