January 14, 2014

by Robyn Bryant

January 14, 2014 Evening


That last weeks have been filled with so much joy, but also sorrow...Our family had a great trip to Southern California.  The best part of the trip, as Chris said one night as we returned to our room...”I love hearing you both laugh so much.”  We laughed a lot!  Sometimes, for no reason at all which to me is the best kind of laughter.  It’s interesting, I was so worried about the three of us being together in a hotel room for 7 days, but it was just not a big deal at all...we saw a lot of wonderful things on the beach and in the ocean, ate great food and just had fun...Christmas Morning...as expected was “SAD”....we were all quiet and missing Christian so much.  Christmas was Christian’s favorite Holiday...I think it will be many years before Christmas will even be “okay” for us again. 


New Year’s Eve...Bailey spent it with friends and Chris and I spent it with old and new friends...a fun night for all.  The New Year has been kind of blah for me so far...I have started the year being sick (which is not common of me)....I have also been constantly thinking about Childhood Cancer Awareness.  But in the midst of everything, the fact that we are building a new house is a major focus.  I have truly enjoyed much of the process so far.  I have certain jobs to do...and I love the people I have met and the relationships I have built. In many ways, this project has been healing for me.  I am thankful for a contractor that understands me and my INTENSE personality and is fine with me venting when needed.  


Childhood Cancer Awareness is  a primary focus for me and The Christian Bryant Foundation this year......Since Christian died multiple local children have died from Cancer of complications of treatment.  Today, Heaven gained another SuperHero...a 4 year old little Boy that was diagnosed less than a year ago with Brain Cancer.  Many of you remember the “Go Gold for Childhood Cancer” Project we did through The Christian Bryant Foundation and the help of Dalton First United Methodist Church and many financial donors.  Since this project, really less than 4 months ago, 2 of the children helped, have died!  One died today!  So do we sit back and pretend Childhood Cancer does not exist?  That’s what I would have preferred!!!  I liked my world before I knew about Childhood Cancer....But now, I live it everyday!!!!  So, will you join me and start spreading awareness?  That is all I ask right now...let everyone you know that Childhood Cancer is real! - Robyn Bryant