September 3, 2013

by Robyn Bryant

Everyone is invited to be a part of our "Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness" project 

We need everyone interested in helping fund, donating hours, etc to register on the site, our project is now listed and if you register here it will help all of us make sure everyone is in the Know about what is going on...I originally thought we might be able to do this project for $1,000 or numbers are way off.  We want to make a difference for these families...well, the difference may not be buying some gas or grocery cards, it may be making a car payment or house payment.  Chris and I were so blessed when we entered this world.  His job was extremely   supportive and mine was just amazing and still is...But reality!  If you have a child in the hospital for even for routine admissions during cancer treatment, the parent will lose their job.  Fortunately for us, I was able to take a leave and Chris was able to work pretty normal hours until Christian's last 4-6 weeks with us on earth.  I have never met a single parent during Christian's treatment and after her death that was not working and trying desperately to keep their job.  We always encourage support of Christian's Foundation, but today I am asking for support of this worthy project.  If you are not able to participate and want to donate: Please send a check to (please label the check "go gold for childhood cancer awareness)  this is very important!

Dalton FUMC

500 S. Thornton Ave.

Dalton, GA 30720

Thank you all in advance for your support and the difference we will make with this project.....