September 1, 2013 Evening

by Robyn Bryant

September 1, 2013  Evening

Today begins Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  In September of 2011, weeks following Chrisitan’s diagnosis, I did not know there was any awareness associated with childhood cancer.  But unfortunately, Christian did not even live a full year following her diagnosis of the “good” Leukemia, ALL, so last year I was aware of this special month and this year it is time to make a difference.  Most know that The Christian Bryant Foundation is based on “Believing in Possibilities”   Well this month we have a great opportunity for Possibilities.  Our Church, Dalton First United Methodist Church, is hosting a great service event...”Don’t go to Church, Be the Church.”  Zac Long submitted a project for this event...”Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness.”  I am going to be the project leader.  Some of our work will occur all month, but the afternoon of September 29, 2013, we will be packing care packages for local/regional pediatric oncology families.  We need funding fo the project, we need volunteers...we will make a big difference!  There are families with very specific needs, we are going to try to help them cope with the financial, physical and emotional strain pediatric cancer places on a family.  I have seen all of this first hand and it is truly heart breaking!  Now is the time for us to make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.  Childhood cancer is not just about the patient, it affects the whole family.  I will work closely with our team of volunteers.  We have about 10-15 committed volunteers at this point. And I will will work closely with the Social Worker in the Pediatric Oncology Clinic.  She will never share names or personal info...but once you enter this world things are different.  I know families, that I can reach out to and ask them personal needs.  Louis and Donna Fordham will be helping and they know families...If you would like to volunteer and be a part of our “Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness” project, you can comment or private message me.  I am really praying we have some funding for the project, but if we do not get it, The Christian Bryant Foundation will fund the project.  If you would like to make a contribution, please contact me personally and I will investiage the best way to do this.  September, 29th, I have oncology families that have already committed to come share their story to our work group, I am going to be reaching out to more...when you enter the pediatric oncolgy world, you enter a family.  A very unique family, the oncology/hematology family does not have any socioeconomic barriers...we just unite and love each other and try to support each other.  Even after Christian died, I thought we might be an estranged family members, but we continued to be embraced by this unique community that No One chooses to be a member of.... 

I was happy to be back in church today...I think we are finally at the point that people are just happy we are back.  I did not feel the pitty and sadness everytime someone looked at me today.  Thankful for that!  

September IS Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!  How are you going to make a difference? -Robyn Bryant