August 25, 2013 Evening

by Robyn Bryant

August 25, 2013  Evening

When I was in college, I attended Wieuca Road Baptist Church in Atlanta.  My favorite service was the Sunday evening Service.  During my college years, the pastor, Dr. Self,  would end the service with the lights dimmed and say, “It’s been a good day....”  I looked forward to those words often during my college years.

Well, today, I can say those words...”It’s been a good day!”   Today we started our day by attending a service at The Little Brown Church on Signal Mountain.....Our presence in today’s service was just part of God’s Plan. Yesterday, while watching the second GPS soccer game, Emily and Corbin Cullum’s Grandmother, Beverley Groves (loving known as “Duck”)  joined me and Bailey and Kate McVay.  She was trying to get in the shade, but Bailey and Kate were under a large umbrella and Bailey offered to go get Duck’s umbrella out of her car.  So, Duck sat with us the rest of the game and she told me that Jane Henegar would be delivering the message at The Little Brown Church today.  I decided then that we would attend.  I knew about the Church, but was not exactly sure how to get there....Today, was an incredible worship experience, I truly felt like I had returned to parts of my childhood.  I did not expect to be emotional at all, but seeing Jane and her surprise at our presence had me tearful the moment I entered this beautiful worship setting....Then, the first hymn we sang today was, “When the Roll is Called up Yonder, I’ll be There.”  Every hymn we sand today, I knew almost all the words to all the stanzas...but I had never truly read or listened to the words...I found my self tearful during every hymn!  Today, Jane’s message was just for me (she had no idea we would be there)...the title was “Remember”  By the end of her lesson, I could not stop the tears...I was sitting next to Bailey and our dear friend, Greg Cullum...Greg patted me on the leg and tried to help by offering my purse which did not contain any tissues...I just sat there and wiped away the tears and was so thankful that I had the honor of being present today to hear Jane’s lesson.  I had the opportunity to visit with a few other friends before leaving church today....We had a great brunch with Beverley (Duck) and Frank Goves and Becky, Greg and Emily Cullum.  Bailey and Emily both had to attend the same 3 hour meeting at GPS today, so I was able to spend some much needed quality time with my good friend, Becky Cullum today.  We had a good visit and a nice long walk on Signal Mountain, full of butterfy sitings for me...I have been very blessed today...The song “Blessings” played over and over in my head in the late afternoon today.  Thankful for each moment of each day.....

Now, very superficial of me...but my day is concluding with Justin Timberlake’s Performanace with N’Snyc on the MTV awards...I am watching with Bailey (I would not even know this was on TV if not for her.) - Blessings, Robyn