August 22, 2013 Evening

by Robyn Bryant

August 22, 2013 Evening

Today has been good!  I know some people have a hard time reading when I write about my sadness.  Today, please read, not about sadness.  

Earlier today, I wrote about my excitement about Team CMB...still feeling so much excitement.  My mind is literally swirling, I have so many different things I want to talk about, it is hard to organize my thoughts.

We are in the process of establishing a committee that can take Team CMB to the next level.  Let me first talk about our chairperson.  Neither Chris, nor I could ever take on this, it is too personal and we would not have the follow through.  Since the beginning of Team CMB, we have had many advocates and many encouraging voices.  But there is one young man that stands out.....Let me start with some history...I first met this young man’s parents when I was about 3 months pregnant with Christian, he would have been 11 years old then.  My connection with his parents was instant and strong and remains today.  When Christian was born, I will never forget the day his Mom came to visit...he was 12 by then and got very bored sitting in the car (of course, he was not coming in to see a new baby).  He jumped out of the vehicle and ran home, their house was literally yards away at that time in the neighborhood next door.  Over the years, Christian and Bailey warmed up to him...One summer, He and his Mom joined us at the beach, he was at the close of his college years at Georgia Tech.  The few days they spent with us were special, he played in the ocean, went crab hunting, watched movies and literally bowed down to everyone of Bailey’s request.  This trip seems like a lifetime ago...Fast forward, when Christian died he came with his parents to see us.  Last year, he ran the 5K for Team CMB and won his age division.  Since then he has worn his Team CMB Tech Tee in multiple other races and he always wins his age division.  Shortly after Christian’s death, he approached Chris and I about the Georgia Tech Network Scholarship, he wanted to name this scholarship for Christian.  He did this and made sure the first recipient met the character qualifications.  He also hosted a fundraising evening to help fund the very generous scholarship.  So, I recently had some posters and 5X7 cards made to advertise and promote Team CMB for October’s race.  This young man has been the biggest advocate...tirelessly placing posters, but also trying to come up with ways to promote and tell Christian’s story.  Another thing he did was keep Christian’s College essay close and her writings on Blessings and Sufferings...he shares that when he feels the need with others.

Zac Long is the Chairperson of the Team CMB committee.  I feel blessed that I got to watch him grow up and I am so proud of the man he has become.  He has some incredible ideas and they are flowing constantly.  I am so excited about what is coming for Team CMB....Please stay tuned and if you want to be more involved message me...we are open to new ideas and suggestions.  The ultimate goal is to tell Christian’s story and to raise money to make a difference for children in our region.  Today has been full of many many blessings!!!!!  How can YOU contribute?  How can YOU make a difference?