A Shared Prayer, Beside a River

by Robyn Bryant

A Shared Prayer, Beside a River

Beside a river, a tree begins to grow.

And we remember, Christian’s love for us.

As this tree’s roots take hold of the earth,

We remember her strength and courage.

As the sun pours forth in silent gleaming beams,

We remember the light that shone from her eyes

And when the rains come to nourish and replenish,

We remember her inspiring and gentle spirit.

Can this moment, this tree become our shared prayer?

A prayer that remembers and honors a beautiful life.

A prayer that acknowledges our sorrow and hope

A prayer that reminds us that each day is a gift. 

A day to love.

A day to care for one another.

A day to grow.

A day to see more clearly.

A day to allow for healing.

A day to listen more keenly and quiet the noise of our lives.

A day to strive to be a light of peace in this dark world.

And a day to give thanks.

In the days and years to come, as the branches of this tree reach for the heavens,

We will remember.

We will open our hearts to be inspired by her spirit.

And we will honor the beautiful life of Christian Moseley Bryant.

Written by Jeanne Moseley, Christian’s Aunt for the dedication of Christian’s Tree