A Riverside Psalm for Christian Bryant by Jane Henegar

by Robyn Bryant

A Riverside Psalm for Christian Bryant

November 22, 1993 - May 26, 2012

Blessed were the ones

who walked in step with Christian

who ran the race with her

who danced and laughed with a true friend.

Her delight was in the ways of the Lord.

Her legs and heart were strong

with the Lord’s strength.

Her words were words of grace

and her life bore fruit in a too-short season.

We plant this tree by rushing waters

for one who did not rush,

one who stood tall:  growing, bending, 

reaching up to heaven.

So may we, the ones she blessed

grow in grace, 

grow toward God 

as once our Christian grew.

Written by Jane Henegar, Beloved Teacher, Mentor and Friend for the dedication of Christian's Tree