May 30, 2013

by Robyn Bryant

May 30, 2013

Last year on this date, we celebrated Christian’s beautiful life.  I will forever be thankful for the community of friends that helped me and Chris and Bailey do all that had to be done to prepare for a funeral.  Something, no parent should ever have to do!

Today, a year later, we continue to celebrate Christian’s life and her foundation is making a difference.

Last week, I met with the Pediatric Oncologist at T.C. Thompson Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.  Specifically, we were researching the appropriate place for the $6,000 from Mission/Remission.  We found a research study led by the Children's Oncology Group (COG).   The Children’s Oncology Group, a National Cancer Institute supported clinical trials group, is the world’s largest organization devoted exclusively to childhood and adolescent cancer research. The COG unites more than 8,000 experts in childhood cancer at more than 200 leading children’s hospitals, universities, and cancer centers across North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe in the fight against childhood cancer.  Our local Children's Cancer Clinic is a part of COG.  Below is a description of how the $6,000 from Mission Remission is being used.  I know Christian would be pleased with this project and the fact that it will help children locally.  I am very excited about the research study described below.

The Christian Bryant Foundation’s donation that was made possible by a gift from the GPS/McCallie Mission/Remission event has allowed the Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders to offer regional patients the opportunity to participate in a novel research study led by the Children’s Oncology Group.  Neuropsychological, social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties are common in children and adolescents after diagnosis with cancer.  These problems are caused by both the stress of battling cancer and direct effects from the necessary but aggressive treatments, and frequently inhibit patients’ coping, school performance, peer relationships, and ability to achieve their overall long term potential. The research study sponsored by the Christian Bryant Foundation allows patients to receive, free of charge, thorough and efficient testing for these difficulties at three separate time points.  This systematic evaluation has the potential to identify problems earlier and direct patients to specific services for the help they need before a crisis occurs.  This type of testing is not generally reimbursed by health insurance companies and would not be available to most regional patients without this research study, and The Christian Bryant Foundation is pleased to be able to support this critical research project.