December 15, 2013

by Robyn Bryant

I need some help! Beginning in January, The Christian Bryant Foundation will begin working to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer. This past September friends in the community and our church through a Go Gold for Childhood Cancer project helped 12 children and their families with significant need. Well, now one of those children has died, another is now on palliative care. And new diagnosis seem to occur more often! Childhood Cancer is not okay! It's not something you need to try to block from your mind! It's my reality everyday, my family's reality! We have a part of out family missing because of the devastating effects of Childhood cancer. A plan is forming in my mind...It will take many for this plan to work! By September 2014, everyone in Dalton, Whitfield Co, Murray Co, Gordon Co and all the surrounding areas in North Ga and The Greater Chattanooga, Tn area will know about Childhood Cancer and recognize the color Gold in relation. 2014 will be about Childhood Cancer Awareness! As the primary spokesperson for The Christian Bryant Foundation, I cannot do this alone! Who will help? My prayer is this time next year awareness will be all over our Region and we can plan for funding Research in 2015. - Robyn Bryant