December 14, 2013

by Robyn Bryant

I cannot even begin to explain all the emotions I experienced yesterday. I definitely found blessings. I had great conversations with all the Oncologist. I saw many of the wonderful nurses and all the Child Life Specialist involved in Christian's care. I met a young man and his Dad, Jason Greer. I have been following Tristan's story for a long time and was honored to meet them. Although, Jason will HAVE to stop calling me Mrs. Bryant and referring to me as "Mam." It was so nice to meet them - a highlight of the day for me. I saw friends from Make-A-Wish East Tennessee, and Holly Shull, my dear friend that works with Lana's Love Foundation. Oh, and my day started with James Howard andKim Lyons Carson sharing their small studio in the Oncology Clinic and I had the pleasure of doing a live radio interview for the 2013 Sunny 92.3 Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon. Even though, I had some very positive conversations about projects close to my heart, a sense of sadness was hanging in the air... No matter how positive you try to be, when you have attended the funeral of a beautiful 16 year old boy earlier in the week and you know another much younger child is now nearing the end of his earthly life, it is really hard to be happy. I could feel the heartbreak of the nurses and staff. When I got home late yesterday evening after running other errands - my heart was so heavy, all I wanted to do was cry! But, I had a date planned with Chris, so I held it all in and enjoyed dinner with Chris and got my mind on different things. I hope everyone has a very good day and you find some way to make a difference in someone else's life.