November 18, 2013 Evening

by Robyn Bryant

October 18, 2013 Evening


As I drove Bailey to school this morning, I could not help but do what I find myself doing constantly...watching the sky.  This morning, everything was glistening, I could still see the moon and watched as the sky turned pink and the sun began to peek above the mountains.  Crossing the Tennesse River, to my right the sun was reflecting off the River and to my left the moon was starting to disappear behind the mountains.  God’s beauty and creation was everywhere.  I returned home today to finish a few things and head back to Chattanooga.  On the drive back, my mind wandered and I thought of some painful and some happy memories with Christian.  I was quickly reaching for tissues to wipe the flowing tears that were starting to obscure my vision while I was driving.  I arrived at my destination, and was quickly distracted looking at stone for our new house.    As I finished up and was back on the road, I received a message from our Contractor, Kim Woods asking me to meet later in the day with someone at our new house.  I spoke with Kim and then decided I need to stop by one of my favorite places, Stone Source.  I did have a question for Anna, but Stone Source is one of my “feel good” places.  As I walked in, I was greeted by my favorite Stone Source employee, Zeke, the chocolate lab puppy.  He is the best behaved puppy I have ever seen and he gave me a little loving that I really needed today.  It was a brief stop, I had lunch plans with some GPS Mom’s.  Lunch and Conversation was good.  It was soon time to pick up Bailey and head to our new house to work on house stuff...that was all good.  I am finally sitting here with a large pot of vegetable soup brewing for tomorrow in my flannel pajamas.  When I got home, I also checked on some news I had been waiting to hear about all day.  One of our young friends, Camereon Scroggins, that is battling the beast of childhood cancer needs everyone to pray that his tumor is not growing!  He has a CT scan in the morning at St. Jude.  


This week is a very special week, 20 years ago, our oldest daughter was preparing to make her early appearance on November 22, 1993.  Two years ago, Christian was busy negotioting with her oncologist to take a trip to Rosemary Beach.  She visited the Clinic and got “tanked up” with some blood products on her 18th Birthday and we headed to the beach the next day for Thanksgiving.  It was a wonderful trip!  I would have never thought that it would have been Christian’s last Thanksgiving and Birthday with us.  Despite the fact that Christian is no longer with us physically, November 22 will always be her Birthday.  And, I will always celebrate and honor the day my oldest child entered this world....her life was an incredible blessing and gift!  I ask that anyone that wants to celebrate Christian’s Birthday with a gift, make a donation to The Christian Bryant Foundation.  Gifts given in honor of Christian’s Birthday will be used to help other local children battling cancer and their families have a good Christmas.  You can make an online donation on the website ( or mail a check to The Christian Bryant Foundation 

     c/o Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia

     P.O. Box 942

     Dalton, Ga. 30722  Please make a note saying “Happy Birthday Christian”


Thank you all for continuing to follow our journey and read my post and support our family. - Robyn Bryant