November 22, 2012

by Robyn Bryant


Today, 19 years ago, Christian Moseley Bryant was born at 4:40 a.m.  There are a few memories to recount that morning prior to Christian’s birth...I was extremely irritable the night before, I remember going up to the room that was going to be Christian’s room and trying to put everything in order...then I settled down on the couch, I had stopped sleeping in a bed a few weeks before due to being very uncomfortable....  

November 22, 1993, I woke up at 2 a.m. and was hurting, but it was an odd pain...well, not to get too graphic, I got up went to the restroom and my “water” completely broke.  Before waking Chris, I called my co-worker and told her I would not be at work and then I called my parents.  Then, I woke up my sweet husband.  As he came in the bathroom, I was getting in the shower, he was ready to dress and go...I said, we have plenty of time (so I thought) I showered and of course, shaved my legs.  Got out of the shower and Chris got the time he got out...the contractions had started and they were only 2 minutes apart.  Now, the baby I was carrying was breech, she was a scheduled C-Section.  We got in the car and headed towards Hamilton Medical Center, only a short 4 miles away.  There is no traffic at that time of the morning, but, Chris was stopped at the red light...  I told him to run it...  we got to the hospital and I stopped between the set of doors entering and did not think I could walk... Chris said, “you have to walk,” so I walked.  Our beautiful baby girl that we named, Christian Moseley Bryant was delivered in perfect health at 4:40 a.m. by C-Section...yes, she was still breech.

The next 17 1/2 years were pretty much perfect as far as health goes.  Christian’s sophomore cross country season, she discovered she had severe iron deficiency anemia and a thyroid issue...both were corrected with medication and she was competing again on the Cross Country Team within a couple of weeks.

May 2011, we got a big curve ball...Christian was very sick and admitted to T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital.  That turned out to be the beginning of a long journey, Christian’s Race...

Today...let’s just focus on a great will always be Christian’s Birthday...even though she is now in is the day she was born.....Thank you God, for giving us beautiful Christian for over 18 years, no, she was not perfect, but she was the most honest, loving, accepting and non judgmental person I have ever met.  I will love her forever and miss her so much heart is broken, part of me is forever gone...but today and always I give thanks for the life Christian lived and the inspiration her example continues to be to many, including myself.

Robyn Moseley Bryant